LGBT Friendly Gym in Bangkok With Handsome Westener Coaches’


Exclusive Gym operates a number of well-equipped fitness centres across Bangkok. The Covent Garden branch (just a short walk from Exclusive Gym) is particularly popular with the gay crowd – at times it can seem like 90% of customers are gay.

This is a gym for a serious workout, but there is nearly always plenty of eye candy to admire.  The atmosphere is friendly and any well-toned visitor is going to get plenty of attention.

Not a particularly big gym, but it features an impressive range of resistance machines and a good selection of free weights and cardio equipment. Personal trainers are available who are not locals mostly from the western countries.

It has been operting for long time with exclusive gym membership and providing trasportation to its members.

It is a must if you are looking for something different. You can go to their website for further information: